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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh What a Day!

Well, me oh my!

It was a long and hard working day for Allen Zaki. That is for certain.

I had a photoshoot this morning (Monday 1/12/09) at 10am with model Monique Calhoun (America's Next Top Model, model) and wardrobe stylist Chris Mannor (Glam God on VH1 with Vivica A Foxx). Hair and makeup by Teal Druda.

This was the first shoot in a long time that I have had fun, been creative, and LOVED shooting fashion in a LONG time. Most of my most recent work as been celebrity/comedy work, which I love, but Fashion is where its just AWESOME!

I also started shooting more polaroids, and medium format film today, I'm trying to get back to the Old School feel of film, and really have fun with my work. There is just something about film that I can't get out of my digital work, so I just love shooting film, polaroids are my favorite. They just make it so much more fun to have something tangible when you're shooting...seeing the final product, a moment after you shot it. (Puts a Smile on my Face).

Anywho, so afer shooting 7 (seven) looks with Monique and the crew, we wrapped up at 5:30pm, and I had another shoot to do that night.

At 8pm I went to photograph "Defying Inequality" an event in West Hollywood, Ca to promote equality and civil rights (for gays and lesbians). The cast member's from the four North American companies of "WICKED" the musical performed for the benefit. I was photographing the event, taking group shots of the casts and some celebrities that were at the event. It was held at "The Factory" in WeHo.

Needless to say, I didn't get out of there until now that my day has wrapped. Good night! (or good morning) and I shall talk to you all in the near future.


Allen Zaki

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