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Friday, July 31, 2009

Update: Prima J Behind the Scenes video Out!

Please enjoy the video above of Prima J and my "Glam Squad" of Johnny Chavez and Shaun Garcia are working it out here, and its a cool behind the scenes look at what it takes to pull off a shoot!

Hope you enjoy!

Till next time, Peace!

Allen Zaki

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fashion Shoot: TLOV

These images are from a test shoot I did a few months ago, for the past few weeks I've been retouching them, along with getting over the flu and trying to book more shoots.

I hope you enjoy them, its a kick back to another era(s). Team: Styling: TLOV (Judi and Kint'e); Hair: Kim B.; MUA: Angel Dobine; Models: Jennifer and Kat; Photos: Allen Zaki (of course).

Until next time, Peace!

Allen Zaki

Friday, July 24, 2009

Update: Ambre Lake of VH1's Rock of Love 2

The images from this series were shot on a stage is Rosemead, CA in June 2009. This is the first look at the images, they are not out on my site yet. I just got them back from retouching, Ambre Lake looks HOT HOT HOT!

Hope you enjoy them, and thank you to my "Glam Squad" of Shaun G (MUA),
Johnny Chavez (Wardrobe), and Etienne Ortega (Hair) and of course the talented and love Ambre Lake!

Till next time, Peace!

Allen Zaki

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: Prima J

Prima J is the talented girl group duo of Jessica and Janelle. I was fortunate enough to photograph them last month in Rosemead, Ca.

Above you are seeing the final images from out PR shoot. The two ladies were amazing to shoot, they definitely know how to "bring it" to set! I love their Latina sassiness, and their spontaneity. It was a great shoot, and I would love to work with them again. One thing that I will remember from this shoot is how close I felt to the girls, I felt like I knew them as people and not just the celebrity singers they are seen as. They are very down to earth, and that came across in the images and just talking with them.

Thanks to my wonderful "Glam Squad" Shaun G (makeup) and Johnny Chavez (wardrobe) for your amazing talents, and to Prima J and their manager Jayson Sanchez for helping to get the shoot together.

Till next time, Peace!

Allen Zaki

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update: Natalie Mejia (Girlicious) Pt. 2

Here are some more images of Natalie Mejia, I wasn't able to fit them all into one posting.

Allen Zaki

Update: Natalie Mejia (Girlicious) Pt. 1

So, I've been gone out of the country, but before I left for Mexico I released the new images of Natalie Mejia on my website, along with a few new images here and there.

While I was gone, I had a huge outpouring of requests to post more of Natalie's images. Which is amazing to hear, I'm glad so many people are thrilled to see them, and like them.

So, this posting, is to show off the work I did with Natalie Mejia and my amazing team:

Makeup: Shaun G; Wardrobe: Johnny Chavez; Hair: Tony Vin; Retouching: Randy Del Rosario

Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy them.

Till next time, Peace!

Allen Zaki

Friday, July 3, 2009

On the Road....Its been awhile.

I'm traveling to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas to be exact. I left Friday evening, and I'm now in Phoenix, AZ with a 13 hour lay over! :( Not the best thing to be doing, however, at least I'm sitting on a comfortable chair, and had a pretty good meal. Its hotter than a whore in church in this city though. I just felt a little of the outdoor air, and it was in the low 100s. The pilot on the flight said the local weather was 104ยบ F and it was 7pm!

Anywho, the point of this entire trip was to catch up with the family, and get some shooting in while I'm in Mexico. I'm trying to build my lifestyle portfolio, and bring some cool new images for my book.

So, I'll try and keep blogging about the trip if time permits, and see where that goes. Otherwise, look forward to seeing the end result of the trip, IMAGES!

Till next time, Peace and Love.

Allen Zaki