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Friday, July 3, 2009

On the Road....Its been awhile.

I'm traveling to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas to be exact. I left Friday evening, and I'm now in Phoenix, AZ with a 13 hour lay over! :( Not the best thing to be doing, however, at least I'm sitting on a comfortable chair, and had a pretty good meal. Its hotter than a whore in church in this city though. I just felt a little of the outdoor air, and it was in the low 100s. The pilot on the flight said the local weather was 104ยบ F and it was 7pm!

Anywho, the point of this entire trip was to catch up with the family, and get some shooting in while I'm in Mexico. I'm trying to build my lifestyle portfolio, and bring some cool new images for my book.

So, I'll try and keep blogging about the trip if time permits, and see where that goes. Otherwise, look forward to seeing the end result of the trip, IMAGES!

Till next time, Peace and Love.

Allen Zaki

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