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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Featured: model Calle Eriksson

Okay, so about a month or two ago I had the pleasure of shooting Swedish import Calle Eriksson in a Silverlake, CA loft. We did a test shoot with clothing designer Timoteo (, and his marketing/styling assistant Vinnie. The shoot was based around a sexy, sultry, and wet look, using Timoteo's clothing to guide the way.

We did just that!

The images came out amazingly beautiful, and Calle is a GORGEOUS model, and great to work with...which made my job of selecting the images very hard to do. But, its always better to have a hard time selecting because there are too many good images, than not having enough to choose from (so I'm not complaining!)

I just recently submitted them to, which I am their current feature for June 24th, 2009. You can check out the images, and see for yourself how hot Calle is, and how well the shoot went.

It's great to get the exposure and have people view the images on a blog that features great photography (of hot men) and be apart of that community. So, thank you to OhLALAMag, and to Timoteo and Vinnie, and to my friend and colleague Ron Fellows II for assisting me on such a great shoot.

Till the next entry, Peace and Love

Allen Zaki

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