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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Featured: model Calle Eriksson

Okay, so about a month or two ago I had the pleasure of shooting Swedish import Calle Eriksson in a Silverlake, CA loft. We did a test shoot with clothing designer Timoteo (, and his marketing/styling assistant Vinnie. The shoot was based around a sexy, sultry, and wet look, using Timoteo's clothing to guide the way.

We did just that!

The images came out amazingly beautiful, and Calle is a GORGEOUS model, and great to work with...which made my job of selecting the images very hard to do. But, its always better to have a hard time selecting because there are too many good images, than not having enough to choose from (so I'm not complaining!)

I just recently submitted them to, which I am their current feature for June 24th, 2009. You can check out the images, and see for yourself how hot Calle is, and how well the shoot went.

It's great to get the exposure and have people view the images on a blog that features great photography (of hot men) and be apart of that community. So, thank you to OhLALAMag, and to Timoteo and Vinnie, and to my friend and colleague Ron Fellows II for assisting me on such a great shoot.

Till the next entry, Peace and Love

Allen Zaki

Ambre Lake: VH1's Rock of Love 2 Shoot

On Tuesday, June 23rd, I had the pleasure of working with Miss Ambre Lake of VH1's Rock of Love 2.

The shoot was for a PR shoot we did with her, my go-to team Johnny Chavez (stylist), Shaun Garcia (Make-up) and Etienne Ortega (Hair). We photographed her in Rosemead, CA. It was a blast, the clothing was awesome (thanks Johnny), the music was blasting, and we kept cool from the sun inside the theater.

Check out the images soon...but for now, all I have is Ambre Lake and myself right after we finished the shoot!

Thank you to my team and Ambre Lake for being such a a great personality to work with.

Till next time, peace and love.

Allen Zaki

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Prima J" Photo shoot in Rosemead California

Hey Everyone,

I has the pleasure of shooting Prima J, a girl duo of amazing talent. They are amazing to work with, have amazing voices, and know how to have fun on set.

We photographed them at their former high school in Rosemead,CA. It was cool for them to see what the school looks like since they've graduated, and how far they've come since graduating.

Please check back for a BTS (Behind the Scenes) video coming soon, and even better, the final images of Prima J.

Also, check out/buy their first album self-titled "PrimaJ" on iTunes and expect more from these talented young women!

Till next time, Peace and Love.

Allen Zaki

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update: Matthew Naiman

So I recently showed you a Sneak Peak at the Matthew Naiman test shoot a fews weeks back. Well, I'm here to show you more, and also to show give you some links to blogs that picked the images up.

Links: (page 2)

Hope you enjoy. Until next time, Peace and Love.

Allen Zaki

Monday, June 15, 2009

Photos: Isaiah Washington

As said and seen (video) before, I photographed Isaiah Washington for a PR awhile back. So now I'm here to release some of the images we shot that day.

I hope you enjoy them.

Peace and Love,

Allen Zaki

Natalie Mejia

So tired, photographed Natalie Mejia of GIRLICIOUS! Great shoot, amazing images...check out my site 4 future images to come.

Until then,

Allen Zaki

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update: Headshots

On Monday I was SOOO tired, but I got up and out of bed and shot some headshots. Now normally I would say "Ewww Grey Sky!" however, on Monday, I was saying "Thank goodness there for those Grey Skies!" Because, the lighting was beautiful for shooting portraits in natural light. All you need is an apple-box, a reflector, and a person= Headshots!

So, that's what I did, I photographed Denise Vasquez (, a VERY talented artist, musician, and writer. Please check out her blog, she just did a write up about our shoot.

Thanks, look forward to the next posting.

Allen Zaki

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sneak Peek: Matthew Naiman Test Shoot

So, two weeks ago I shot model Matthew Naiman for a test shoot to build his portfolio. It was successful, and the images look amazing! However, I'm waiting to publish them anywhere because I'd like them to get published on a bunch of blogs before they go out to the WWW.

But, you are the first people to see a SNEAK PEEK at the BRAND NEW WORK of Allen Zaki.

Until the next posting, Peace and Love.

Allen Zaki

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Isaiah Washington Behind the Scenes Video

Hello Everyone,

So, I've finally got the Video Up! Its a great look at what it takes to produce one of my shoots, and all the movement and craziness that goes on behind the finished products that you see.

I hope you enjoy it, and spread it around!

Till Next time, Peace and Love.

Allen Zaki